Batsonaa: Mother Of Five Left Bedridden Following Demolition Of Her 4 Bedroom House By A Businessman

A mother of five children in Baatsonaa in the Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipality of the Greater Accra region, has been left bedridden following the demolition of her 4 bedroom property by a developer with the assistance of the Anti-Langaurd unit of the police service.

Madam Faustina Borkor Boye, whose property was sited on plot of land bonging to her late father in Baatsonaa, is reported to have sold portion of the one of plot to one Emmanuel Bediako, a developer at a cost of 7,000ghc somewhere in 2019. According to the victim, the said developer later returned claiming ownership of the full plot of land on the premise that the husband of the late victim had taken a loan of 4 thousand Ghana cedis from him before his untimely demise, hence the need for him to take over the land

She said though the developer did not provide any receipt or documents to back his claims that her late husband took such an amount of money from him, he managed to get the court through his connections to have her house demolished by some landgaurds under the supervision of personnel from the Anti-Langaurd unit.

Madam Faustina Borkor Boye who is currently living in a storeroom of a benevolent with her 5 children, said she has been through hell in the hands of the Anti-Langaurd unit, who have used all sort of force to intimidate her into giving up on the case. She cited her recent arrest by the unit, where she was made to sit for 8 hours at the police headquarters following a complain made against her by the said Emmanuel Bediako who failed to show up.

Pleading for public sympathy, madam Faustina Borkor Boye who has been rendered a beggar by the inhumane act said, despite calls by the Baatsonaa Divisional council and the District police command for the said developer to produce documents, receipts nor evidence to back his claims that she had sold the said one plot to him, no evidence whatsoever has been tendered in by developer.

Confirming the incident at hand, development Chief of Baatsonaa, Nii Onsro Dja said, bemoaned the discriminatory operations of the Anti-Langaurd unit, whom he alleges always work in favour of the rich.
According to him the unit headed by DSP Karim Atuluk have failed to conduct due diligence in their handling of the matter and have rather resorted to impede the of the Batsoona Police and that of the District Commander. He wants the Inspector General of Police to as a matter of urgency to review the hierarchy of the unit, since their operations is tarnishing the image of the service

Meanwhile a developer whose building (which was at it final stage) was also demolished some weeks ago by the said influential Emmanuel Bediako in Baatsonaa said, all avenues including the court and the police to stop the said influential businessman from using his thugs to take what rightfully belongs to him, has proven futile.
He said not even a pending court case and numerous petition to he property fraud and Anti-Langaurd unit of the police has yielded any results.

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