Pantang Hospital Management Appeals To Gov’t To Fence Facility

Management of the Pantang Hospital is appealing to government to assist in constructing fence wall round the facility to stop the continuous encroachment on their lands.

According to Management, the activities of encroachers are posing huge threats to service delivery at the hospital.

They also averred that nurses are mostly exposed to threats and sometimes death, from encroachers who are believed to be habouring criminals.

Recently, health workers at the Pantang Hospital have threatened to withdraw their services if their concerns over encroachment on the hospital’s property are not addressed.

It said the lives of their staff are at risk following the activities of criminals and that the hospital is not safe for health workers and patients anymore.

The issue of encroachment on the pantang lands has continued over years, with the hospital management taking steps to have it addressed.

Management is therefore calling on the Ghana Mental Authority, the Ministry of Health, the Lands Commission, the National Security, the Municipal Directorate, the Adenta Police Station, and the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council for some intervention.

Although workers complained that the hospital authorities had shown no commitment to dealing with the encroachment on the land, management appealed to them to remain calm as engagements are ongoing with stakeholders to find solutions to the matter.

However, according to management construction of a fence wall round the hospital will not only protect workers of the hospital but will also ward off encroachers.

Management believes that, the facility is too open for all manner of illegal activities and that security at the hospital must be made paramount.

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