BID Network To Launch Initiative To Discover Unique Way In Building Great Entrepreneurs

Alfred Kojo Appiah

WAYFORWARD GHANA BID NETWORK in partnership with G.N.S FOUNDATION is set to launch a project initiative dubbed ‘way forward Ghana’.

The project which will be launched  on March 28, 2020, is an initiative that seeks to discover the unique way forward in building great entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen, innovators as well as lifestyle Ghana.

Speaking to Alfred Kojo Appiah, also known as Sparrow Connect, FOUNDER and CEO of BID NETWORK, he said the project also seeks to bring on board Ghanaians to discuss and share their ideas on some challenges, problems and solutions.

“The project also has another initiative that seeks to build one thousand micro and small businesses across Ghana. Dignitories, CEO’s and other great personalities from all walks of life will be there to speak and answer some few questions at each event held in order to motivate, solve, educate and inspire each other in building great entrepreneurs and innovators in the country as well as lifestyle.”

According to him, the BLIED project would have a section where (16) young females will be made Ambassadors to represent the 16 regions in Ghana.

These ambassadors will have the opportunity to move from institution to institution, shopping malls, Airport, companies and schools to conduct video graphical interviews on some of the issues pending and find out the unique way forward in building a great nation and this we call WAYFORWARDGHANA.

They will also research on the various regions and come out with some information needed to project the initiative.

Alfred Kojo Appiah also mentioned that the ambassadors will have the opportunity to visit schools and other corporations to empower, encourage, motivate and inspire them to help them transform their minds and have better reason for way forward Ghana and their lives as well.

He believes with that, many will have a new way of thinking and renewing their lives and minds for a better tomorrow today.

He  said,  most their findings will be used in shooting a documentary for the project initiative.

“Our key focus is to discover and develop the unique way forward in building and sustaining businesses in the industries, the rise of entrepreneurs in Ghana and Africa, youth unemployment in Ghana and Africa and affected lifestyle of most entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, innovators and the youth of Africa.”

He called for partnerships with organizations in order to help launch the Business Lifestyle Innovators and Entrepreneurs dialogue (BLIED) where individuals express their views and ways of building and sustaining businesses in the industries successfully whiles discovering the unique way forward in building great Businessmen and women, Lifestyle, Innovators and Entrepreneurs.


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