Delegates Raise Red Flag Over Hanna Bisiw’s Bid To Contest Tano South NDC Seat

The never ending saga at the Tano South Constituency within the National Democratic Congress has taken another dramatic turn for the worst with the constituents threatening to vote skirt and blouse should Hanna Bisiw to be even contest at the party level.

Series of setbacks have left the Constituency without a parliamentary candidate with barely 10 months to the 2020 General Election thanks to an unseen hand manipulating the entire electioneering process to impose Hanna Bisiw on the delegates.

Disqualified by the virtue of her position as the national Women’s Organizer of the party, there seems to be a mysterious hand toying with the constitution of the party to allow Hannah Bisiw contest the seat at the party level.

Constituents of Tano South, disappointed by the unfortunate incidents, have threatened to vote skirt and blouse if the leadership of the Party allows Hanna Bisiw to even contest at the party level.

Usman Fakih Sualah, an already vetted candidate for the Party at the Constituency, is expected to have a walkover if the Party’s constitution and the interest of the seat is to rule supreme.

The agreived delegates of the constituency did not hesitate to match the leadership of the umbrella setup if the party dare imposes Hanna Bisiw on them.

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