Golden Movie Awards winner, Anthony Woode has advised the youth, to shun away from using nudity as a means to attain fame and popularity, which has unfortunately become the current ritual.

In an interview with Ophelia Allotey, The Announcement actor said ” I have a problem when young ladies expose their vital parts to the general public just to market themselves. There is a saying that nude sells but personally, I wouldn’t want to expose my body to be able to sell myself.
” Most of them are not talented but the fact that they want to be popular, hence they will do whatever it takes to step into fame”. He noted

T-wood as he is popularly called by funs is a prolific screen/stage actor and a script writer, whose maiden script has earned International recognition in the just ended third edition of the Golden Movie Awards, held at Moveinpic Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

The first ever movie from Edoow House; Bitter Sweet Wine, was directed by Justice Ornan Abadah which won the Best Golden short film 2017, an International Awards for African film makers, organized by Golden Movie Awards Africa.

T-wood ended the interview by encouraging the youth to be hardworking and focus on whatever they are doing and God will bless their efforts

He however, entreated those who want to use pictures to sell themselves saying” You can take pictures which are sexy and attractive, without necessarily going nude”

“Nudity is not an option into limelight, it may earn you some popularity but what will be your worth in the industry because, all you have to your credit is nothing substantial than just nude pictures, which will not sustain you” Wood emphasized.

Story by Ophelia Allotey

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