Blame Leaders For Degradation Of The Environment – Chief

The Chief of Wawase and Guantuahen of Swedruman Council of Chiefs, Nana Kofi Arkoh V has said the country’s political leaders have to be blamed for the degraded nature of the country’s environment, and not traditional leaders as perceived by some.

Since the move by the government to clamp down on the activities of galamsey, some Ghanaians have accused traditional rulers of releasing lands to potential small scale miners who turn to degrade the environment as a result of their activities.

But this claim, Nana Kofi Arkoh said has no basis, as according to him, it is rather the political leaders and the so-called technocrats who issue license to these small scale miners, including even foreigners to operate in the country, thereby degrading the environment.

He expressed surprise how foreigners could obtain license to mine gold in the country to the detriment of the environment, and has therefore called for measure to be put in place to reclaim all degraded lands by the activities of galamsey.

By. Robert Ayanful

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