“Body Exposure Are Root Cause Of Spiritual Marriages”

It has been revealed that exposure of sensitive parts of the body such as the breast, buttocks and other sensitive areas are the root cause of spiritual marriages, particularly among women.

According to the minister in charge of the Agona Nyakrom branch of the Disciples Pentecostal Church Pastor Solomon Ayittey who made the revelation, about 60 percent of women suffer from spiritual or ancestral marriage, as a result of the exposure of parts of their bodies in an attempt to attract partners.

He said spirits, like humans have feelings and gets attracted to such women who expose sensitive parts of the body to the public.

He noted that such women find it difficult to marry later in their years, and even when they do, they find it difficult to maintain the relationship because the spirit, out of jealousy to retain her, will either attack the source of income of the physical husband or will always set misunderstanding among the couple, creating confusion just to break them apart.

He mentioned sexual intercourse in dreams as an aspect of signs of spiritual marriage.            According to him, about forty percent of men are also facing problems of spiritual marriage, but linked that to mostly ancestral spirits in the family.

Exposing sensitive parts of the body which is referred to as nudity seem to have become the new normal in modern day society, with people who are supposed to serve as role models going on the so-called social media platforms and exposing their private parts in the name of attracting viewers and gaining popularity.

By: Robert Ayanful

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