Observe All Covid-19 Protocols – Churches Told                

Since the upsurge of the Corona Virus Pandemic in Ghana in 2020, social activities such as sports, funerals, wedding or marriage ceremonies have adversely been affect by the pandemic, with church services been no exception.

Though some say the pandemic has affected social life negatively, others say it has brought some sort of sanity in the way people do things by arousing hygienic consciousness in them.

But despite this, some churches, particularly the Charismatic have little regard for these safety protocols as announced by the government, posing serious health threat not only to their members, but their immediate families as well.

This development has raised concern among the Clergy, compelling some to come out and warn every church to put in place all the safety protocols to ensure that members of their church do not contract the virus.

Two of such members of the Clergy who have raised the concern are the minister in charge of the Christ Chapel Mission Int. in Agona Swedru, Rev. James Akyerekwa Jnr. and the Agona Asafo branch minister of the Resurrection Baptist Church, Rev. Abraham T.K. Sanniez who have warned the churches against any disregard for the CORVID-19 protocols, saying that such disregard amount to disrespect for authority that initiated and announced those protocols.

By: Robert Ayanful

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