Bolt upgrades Driver app to recognise and reward driver partner community

Bolt launches Bolt Rewards, a driver partner rewards programme that helps recognise the high-quality ride-hailing experiences driver partners provide through tiered rewards and discounts in-app. With the programme, Bolt aims to recognise and reward the driver partner community through rewards and discounts.

Driver partners are automatically enrolled into Bolt Rewards, and will accumulate points based on the number of finished riders over the course of one month. There are four tiers of rewards based on points accumulated, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Bolt Rewards helps recognise and reward driver partners, with incentives and discounts, including fuel discounts to help driver partners manage this increasing cost, and insurance discounts to help manage any unexpected costs of repairs.

Regional Manager, North and West Africa, Lola Masha said: “At Bolt, we know that happy driver partners mean happy riders. With Bolt Rewards, we aim to recognise and reward the happy driver partners that provide high-quality ride-hailing experiences for riders through rewards and discounts. It is part of our ongoing investment in continuing to upgrade the Driver app, helping us recognise and reward the driver partner community.”

Bolt Rewards joins a suite of recent Driver app upgrades from Bolt aimed at helping driver partners provide a high-quality ride-hailing experience. We continue to offer more flexible earning opportunities for driver partners, and ensure riders can access our ride-hailing services wherever they are.

About Bolt

Bolt is a super-app with over 150 million customers in more than 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa (list of locations here). We offer a range of mobility products for different services and needs:
Bolt Food, delivering ready-made meals from restaurants
Bolt Business, our corporate mobility service

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