I Don’t Foresee President Akuffo-Addo Signing The Anti-LGBTQ+Law – Clergy

The founder of the Men of Faith House of Prayer for All Nations, Pastor Emmanuel Otabil has said there is every indication for anyone to believe that the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo will never append his signature to the homosexuality bill passed into law by the country’s legislature to make the act a criminal offense in the country.

The country’s legislature passed the bill into law over a fortnight ago and tabled it before the president for his ascent, but things seem to have taken different twist as some members of the ruling party who partook in the passing of the law are now challenging the powers of the legislature in reference to the law.

This stand, many believe, is the position of the president, as some members of his cabinet are referring to some financial support the country stand to lose from the so-called donor country if the president appends his signature to make the practice of homosexuality a criminal offense in the country.

This turn of events, among others, Pastor Emmanuel Otabil say are indications that the president is likely not to append his signature to the law.

According to him, Ghana as a country is heading towards a situation where it will attract the wrath of God, if the practice becomes an acceptable acts in the country.

He further described the propose construction of a National Cathedral as a misplaced priority, noting that God does not dwell in houses constructed by the handof man, but rather in their hearts, and has therefore suggested that moneys for the Cathedral should rather be channelled into other developmental projects that will have direct impacts on the wellbeing of the citizenry such as schools, roads and health facilities, among others.

By Robert Ayanful

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