Check Out Lincoln X’s New Spoken Word Poem Cum Music And Rap For Mothers

For a Mother, you can never have another. No matter how a child is, the Mother sees that child of her own as a wonder. 

Lincoln X has weaved a Special Spoken Word Poem cum Music and Rap praising all GREAT MOTHERS everywhere.   Let us Join Osman Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln X) to celebrate our BELOVED MOTHERS each day, through this Spoken Word Poem from Lincoln X, called: ENA PA (GOOD MOTHER).

This is ANONWENE a new genre of Spoken Word Poetry through LINCOLN X’s creation.

Download it on Audiomack and listen to these extraordinary vibes while waiting for the release of Lincoln X’ Spoken Word Poetry Album, DANTABAN (THE CIRCLE WITHIN CIRCLES).



Esi Mansaaah, Esi Mansah; A Mother is a rare Gift to find another.


A good mother is like the needle and the thread

All things in nature are on her head

Wherever death is, he should show me and I will visit my dead

Where will the orphan find bread?

Even when a mother has nothing she rubs her palms as a housefly

A mother is herbs boiling in the pot

The prayers of the mother lift the child to live in the royal court

Pay priceless homage to your mother and every woman and your life will never be hot.

Introductory Poem:

Everything came from Mother;

That is why our Ancestors invoke Her Name: Mother Earth; when pouring libation

When the universe loses its wheel, is the Old Woman the sages consult for the revelation.

Main Poem:

My Mother, the fragrance of you satisfies my hunger

Nine Months in agony yet you made me the wonder

My Goddess who purifies my soul from the curse of the thunder

Your Womb is the Earth I came forth as the golden tree

In your holy shrine, I set free

Upon all the filthy surrounded me; I was and still your delight

On your wings as an eagle, you taught me the power of flight

The lioness who encircles me with her invincible might

When Mother dies, the heaven turns into dust with the light

Esi Mansah, your breast milk is a river that never dry

Its memories comforts me in sorrows not to cry….

Written and translated by © Osman Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln X), Poet and Writer from Ghana, Africa.

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