LG Continues to Excite Customers with Technology Inspired Refrigerators

In the 21st century, the refrigerator was promoted to the rank of one of the most important, and for many people even the most important, home appliances.

With the development of modern technologies, our expectations for all household appliances have changed, but it is refrigerator-freezers that are the segment that reacts most strongly to the needs of consumers. What to look for when choosing a new refrigerator and are there appliances that fit perfectly in each of these areas? We will try to answer this question in this article.

Manufacturers almost compete in retrofitting their devices with various amenities and functions, but it is consumers who decide which of them can actually make their lives easier. Of course, customer needs are varied, so it is difficult to talk about universal equipment for every home. A refrigerator for a large family will probably look different from a one-person household appliance, although the size does not always match the capacity.

“With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for quality, LG Electronics has continued to invest in the best of inverter technology to meet the needs of its teeming customers,” said Mr. Brian Kang, General Manager, LG Electronics West Africa’s Home Appliances Division. A refrigerator’s compressor is crucial for energy efficiency, food freshness, noise levels, and longevity.

Designed with LG-patented technology, LG refrigerators provide you with positive results that extend beyond food storage. The compressor, which circulates chilled air and maintains refrigerant pressure, is the heart of a refrigerator. There are four points of friction in a traditional compressor. There is only one point of friction in LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor, which increases overall energy efficiency.

The following models are worth considering when purchasing a Refrigerator –

GC-X22FTQLL, GC-X247CSAV, GC-X257CVVV, GC-J337CSAL, GC-J287SLUV, GC-J247SLLV, GC-L247SLLV and GC-B247KQDV. Explore LG Refrigerators by upgrading your kitchen with either LG’s InstaView™ Door-in-Door Refrigerators® – an innovative fridge to fit your kitchen. Save energy and keep the cool air inside by knocking on the external panel to reveal the inside or Side by Side Refrigerators – You save more energy with LG’s Energy Star certified side-by-side refrigerators. Store more food and beverages with abundant fridge space and easily make and access ice with the special Slim Indoor Ice Maker.

Freshness, Health, Taste – As long as possible

The main function of the refrigerator is to provide the best possible conditions for the food stored in it. Today’s pace of life affects shopping habits and most of us make larger grocery purchases every few days or once a week.

The food you buy should stay fresh for as long as possible, look appetizing and not lose its nutritional value. Whether it’s crispy lettuce, juicy strawberries, fresh fish, meat, or dairy products, in a high-quality refrigerator, nothing should go to waste too quickly and stay completely safe for your health for as long as possible.

This is where modern technology comes in handy, thanks to which it is possible to intelligently adjust the operating mode of the device to the requirements of specific product groups, not only in terms of temperature, but also humidity.

What matters is not only the time during which the food stored in the refrigerator remains fit for further consumption but above all, how long its taste, tenderness, firmness, and juiciness will be preserved. Food storage systems differ depending on the brand, but it is worth paying attention to the solution used in LG refrigerators

Nature Fresh technology

Under this name, there are several specific systems that are responsible in various ways for maintaining freshness and taste as long as possible, even in the most demanding and difficult to store groups of items. Keep food fresher for longer with LG’s NatureFRESH™ cooling technology. Cool evenly and quicker with LG’s DoorCooling+™ technology. Maximize freshness and reduce energy cost with Linear Cooling™ technology.

Hygiene FRESH+™

The intelligent air filter can not only remove bacteria up to 99.99%, but also minimize bad odor in the refrigerator. In addition, you can keep your food items fresher in a cleaner condition.

Another solution is the FRESHBalancer™ chamber. It is equipped with a special slider with which you can set the appropriate level of humidity for vegetables and fruits. It maintains an optimal level of humidity inside, preventing premature drying of the food.

The problem of too high humidity is also solved by the Moist Balance Crisper™ technology. It is a grid above the drawers, which stops water drops that could otherwise run off, for example, on fruits and vegetables, preventing their premature rotting and molding.

Another technology is DoorCooling+™, a system of special openings resembling an air curtain. It starts up as soon as the door is closed, and the temperature inside returns to its original state faster. This allows up to 32% faster and more uniform cooling compared to conventional methods.

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All settings can be controlled using a smartphone and the LG ThinQ application, connecting all home appliances of this brand into an intelligent network. With Smart ThinQ™, you can control and diagnose your refrigerator with your smartphone even when you’re not at home. Easily set the refrigerator temperature, control HygieneFresh+™, and diagnose your refrigerator with a simple touch on your smartphone.

Linear drive

The heart of LG refrigerators is the modern linear inverter compressor. This type of compressor has several features that are extremely important from the user’s point of view. The compressor helps to reduce temperature fluctuations in the center of the refrigerator, thanks to which the food is evenly and precisely cooled 24 hours a day.

It is worth knowing that the more often it is exposed to differences in the degree of cooling, the faster it loses its firmness and appetizing appearance.

Linear drive, much easier to build than other standard solutions, generates much less noise during operation. This aspect is highlighted by a huge number of potential customers, which is a really big advantage LG has over the competition. It is also less energy-consuming, which is of great economic importance, and for many people also ecological.

Appearance matters

Modern technologies require a modern setting, which is why the design of home appliances is as important as its functionality. When deciding to buy a new refrigerator, it is worth having a lot of expectations for it and not agreeing to unnecessary compromises. There are devices that can satisfy even the most demanding consumers, both in practical, aesthetic, and economic terms.


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