Chief Naa Tia Salifu Debunks Facebook Scam Claims

Chief Naa Tia Salifu, one of Ghana’s powerful spiritualists, a Philanthropist and leader of Make Dream Reality (MDR) Fraternity has debunked claims made by a lady on Social media claiming to have scammed him in a money ritual deal.

The lady, Esi Akyen Ntiamoah took to her Facebook wall claiming that Mallam Naa Tia contacted her via Facebook with the intention of scamming her.

In sharing her supposed experience on Facebook, she wrote:

“Four months ago, a guy came into my inbox. He introduced himself as Naa Tia, a spiritual guru from Northern Ghana, Tamale. He had some juicy offer me: “I help people succeed financially. How do you do that?” I asked. “Oh, it’s easy; no sacrifices involved, just send me $1000, and same hour tomorrow, I will send you $10,000:’ he answered. I smiled, and said to myself, ‘this guy is playing with fire’. The chat continued, and at the end, I told him I could send him $100, 000 for him to make it $1,000,000 for me on condition that I would send him $100 first for him to send me $1,000 to prove his claim. I sent him the $100 the following day, and within 48hours, he sent $1000. After receiving the money, I told him I wasn’t going to continue the deal, and boom!; thunder striked. He threatened me with hell and hades, but I ignored him. This morning he entered my inbox again pleading that I should send back his $900 to him because the money he sent was a loan from a bank. Should I send it to him?”

But Chief Naa Tia Salifu 1, who was contacted over this development said he is unaware of such conversation with such a lady.

According to him, lots of people have been using his name and most at times pictures on Facebook to deceive unsuspecting public hence succeed in duping them.

Chief Naa Tia Salifu said, he had on several occasions took the pains to draw the public’s attention to the Modus Operandi of such scammers using his name and image on Facebook, but people seem to pay deaf ear to his cautions.

He said he has, and remains the only Chief Naa Tia Salifu and whoever is using his name and image on Facebook to dupe people must be dealt with.

He however commended the said lady for her brevity in holding onto and not returning what she took from the alleged “Naa Tia” although he has some reservations about her claims.

According to him, the lady should have provided the number on which the said Na Tia has been conversing with her for further checks and action.

Chief Naa Tia Salifu said the MDR Fraternity which he heads, is a Nobel organization that operates genuinely and for that matter, cannot be involved in any such scam activities.

“I don’t scam people. I do genuine work and that has earned me great reputation in and outside Ghana. I am a messenger of the gods and for that matter, I must treat people with great respect,” he said.

He also averred that he people must be vigilant in parting away with monies to people they meet on Facebook because not all are genuine.

He said: “There are lot of fake Malams on Facebook claiming to have powered to do so many things. That is not true, some are fake. The fake ones are using my pictures and name to scam people and that is giving me a bad name. But as long as my god lives, I still remain strong.”

He also revealed that there are over hundreds of Na Tia on Facebook, and wonder why his image was attached to the said post by the lady, beleiving that it might be a plot to destroy his hard earned reputation.


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