Controller donates 200 double metal bunk beds and 400 student mattresses to the Akyem Swedru Senior High School.

The Controller and Accountant General of the Republic of Ghana, Mr. Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem Bosompem, has donated 200 double metal bunk beds and 400 student mattresses to the Akyem Swedru Senior High School. In addition to that, he donated four laptops, a 65-inch television, and library books.

The Controller and Accountant General stated in his speech during the presentation that not long ago he had an interaction with the Headmaster of the school, who requested mattresses and beds as on of their primary challenges.

According to him, he assured the Headmaster that he will talk to the Minister of Education of which he did and the minister gave him an assurance.
Lo and behold, the Minister has fulfilled his promise and has given him the mattresses and beds to personally donate to the school.

He broke the news to them that, he has also lobbied for a science laboratory equipments from the Minister and very soon it will also be delivered.

Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem who is an old boy of the school recalled that during their time things were not easy for them. He recounted how they walked through bushes and dusty roads before reaching the school.

He intimated that the current students are very fortunate that almost everything is at their disposal.

He stressed that all they need to learn are available for them and thus he admonished them to take advantage of that to learn hard to better their future. He tasked them to read their books and not leave it idle.

Concluding His statement, Mr Kwaning-Bosompem charged the students and the school authorities to take very good care of the items donated to them.


The Headmaster of the School, Mr. Eric Afari Agyepong, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Controller and Accountant General for what he has been doing for the school.

He assured him to take very good care of the items. He, however, pleaded with him to facilitate the building of a boys dormitory to enable them admit more students into the school.

The Girls Perfect for the school, Miss Elizabeth Botchway, speaking on behalf of the students, expressed her sincere appreciation to Mr. Kwaning-Bosompem for the kind gesture.

According to her, they have problems of bedbugs in the school, and due to that most of the students sleep on the floor to avoid bedbug bites.

She said, she believes that the beds and mattresses go a long way will help them eradicate the bird bugs. Like Oliver Twist said dare for more, Miss Elizabeth placed a request before the Controller and Accountant General asking for his unflinching support to the school so that they can build Girls dormitary and other needed infrastructure in the school.

Report by Samuel Quaye.

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