Dangerous animals  in war against Gbawe Kpabobo residents …

The residents of Gbawe Kpabobo, a community located in the Ga Central Municipal Assembly are faced with eminent danger of attacks by cobras, scorpions, pythons and some other dangerous animals.

These harmful animals have been attacking the residents  in their homes at night . Several residents have met their untimely death  as a result  of these wild animals in the community.

There is a  very deep and dangerous valley which lies right in the middle of the community  has for a long time now become the abode  and breading ground for these deadly creatures threatening the lives of the people in Gbawe Kpabobo and its environs.

The valley has for a long time become a danger zone for residents and non residents alike in that area of the city.

It is actually a death trap for anyone because there is the tendency for them to fall into it with the slightest mistake of going close to it.

It is also dangerous because no one, except by miracle can come out of the that valley considering the depth and those wild animals living there.

Criminals have also turned the scary valley area into their hiding places where they plan their activities.

The valley occupies a land space of more than ten acres, which has been lying waste for many decades.

Again, the valley has been turned into a refuse dump which pollutes the environment with such unpleasant stench that comes with multitudes of flies.

Mosquitoes are not left out in the equation; they are everywhere, causing maleria and suffering to the people on a daily basis.

Dogs and cats also the fray in the business of polluting the environment by spreading waste materials including faeces and carcases in almost every home.

The area in perspective is close to the NIC, in Hon Ayorkor Botwe’s constituency.
The Fear however is that, the environmental pollution that going on in that area could cause a serious epidemic soon to the people in the community and the entire country if efforts are not made to arrest the situation.

The Chief of the town, Nii Abbey Okanfna in an interview with JID reporter disclosed that the he and his elders entered into a lease agreement with a sanitation company called Mex World Company Limited in 2010 to reclaim that portion of land and use part of it for a dump site but for fifteen year after the agreement, only about 50% of the project has been completed.

According to him, Mex world has vacated the site and has since not returned.

As to why the company has abandoned the project, the chief gave the explanation that when they contacted Mex world, they could only explain that government owes them and for that reason, the company is cash trapped and cannot complete the project.

“I personally find this excuse from the contractor rather strange and difficult to understand because government was not part of the deal”, he said.

According to him, part of the land if reclaimed, would have been developed into a community centre and other important infrastructure for the community.

He however regretted that all those plans have not materialized due to the contractor’s inability to complete the project.

He noted that major developmental activities in the area including clinics, pharmacy shops, houses, schools, among others have all been put on hold due to the dangers surrounding the valley.

In view of these revelations, the chief asked the government to intervene in the matter since Mex World does not have the capacity to complete the project.

He wants government to help terminate the contract with Mex world to pave way for a more competent contractor to undertake the project.

According to him, reclaiming the land would help bring more development to the community.

The Kpabobo chief further appealed to government to improve the road network in the area. He also regretted that for ages now, the people of the commuinity have not experienced pipe born water in the area, and asked government to facilitate the flow of water through the pipes that have been layed in the community many years ago. “The entire community has relied on only one bore hole which I constructed many years ago”, he added.
Nii Okanfna concluded by appealing to government to flashout all land guards activities from the area to help speed up development in the area.

Source: Kojo Aidoo

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