No Land guards terrorizing East Legon, Mempeasem Residents – Eng Samuel Darko

The Numo Nnmashie family (hereinafter called ‘The Family’) through its Lawful Attorney, Eng Samuel Larbi Darko reacts strongly to a publication made by Captain (Rtd) Budu Koomson in the Daily Guide of September 5, 2017 on page 17, falsely alleging that the family uses land guards to harass residents of East Legon, Mempeasem and Adjiriganor.

The Family says that they are aware that persons without any legitimate documents to parcel of lands that they have either built on or are yet to so have resorted to the use of land guards to intimidate the family from investigating their root of title to these lands. Capt. (Rtd) Budu Koomson is fully aware that whatever interest he claims to have is not free from investigation by the family and to that extent he has been written to by lawyers on the instruction of the family’s lawful attorney about 3 months ago, but he has failed or refused to respond. No one has sent Land Guards to his property.

Capt. (Rtd) Budu Koomson and individuals concerned about letters received from the lawyers should endeavour to engage the lawful attorney and have confidence that a win-win solution could be found. Litigation is an expensive option available to any persons who feels their rights are threatened by these letters nevertheless. A press conference in response to letters from lawyers does not give any party a valid title to property, title to which is defective.

The public should be informed that there is no judgment of the Supreme Court or any other court for the matter invalidating judgments of the family. Capt. (Rtd) Budu Koomson was never a part suit No. 111/2016 and did not tell the public at which page of the said judgment is his false assertion found. This was an application for Judicial Review which was granted but did not invalidate any judgment which simply asked that a particular manner which the family has taken steps to address. The judgment is a public record that all can access.

A careful look at the said publication shows that there is no connection between the Supreme Court suit 00111/2016 and the statement on paragraph 5 of the said publication that “On September 2, 2017 calling on Lands Commission to expunge from its records all land titles and certificates, leases and agreements”. The said assertion is neither attributed to the Supreme Court nor is it attributed to that of any documents of the Numo Nnmashie family.

Mr. Daniel Laryea of the Nnmashie Family says that, they will continue to use peaceful means to rightfully secure all lands belonging to them. They will respect the rights of all whom corporate with them, especially all persons who have received letters and have responded.

Eng. Samuel Larbi Darko wishes to assure all that no judgment of the courts invalidated the family’s ownership of lands being claimed in any of the above mentioned areas. All attempts to throw dust in the eyes of the public by Capt.(Rtd) Budu Koomson are exercise in fatality.

Story by Sammy Heywood Okine

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