Nana Kweku Essieni V

By Robert Ayanflu

The Nimfahene and Regent of Agona Swedru, Nana Kweku Essieni V has bemoaned the current state of high level of disrespect, particularly among the youth, blaming it on the introduction of democracy and its associated freedom of rights where children can insult the elderly with impunity, even the president.

He said not only that, it has also disempowered traditional rulers, as people have refused to appear before traditional rulers to respond to summons against them in many instances, as the Chiefs now have limited authority to sanction such insubordinate subjects, unlike before, because of democracy and its associated so-called freedom of rights.

According to him, there was total discipline in society when chiefs had the authority to punish anyone who shows the character of gross disrespect to the elderly in society, and that served as a deterrent to others, bringing about a high moral upbringing among the youth.

He expressed regrets about the current development of the high level of disrespect in modern-day society since the introduction of democracy and has therefore called for chiefs to be accorded the power and authority to rule, and not hide behind the so-called democracy and freedom of rights to destroy the future generation.

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