Apostle Johnson Dzeameshie

By Robert Ayanful

The resident minister of the Samaria Miracle Church in Agona Swedru, Apostle Johnson Dzeameshie has called for the banishment of the so-called witch camps in the country, saying it amounts to dehumanizing the perceived witchcraft who are mostly elderly women and the most vulnerable in the society.

Africa is noted for its belief in spiritism, especially witches and wizards, and Ghana and Nigeria are the two recognizable countries that have set up camps where people perceived to have such powers are kept, mostly elderly women, and left to their fate.

But according to Apostle Dzeameshie, spirits don’t die after all and can operate from anywhere and at any point in time, so there is no sense in isolating people perceived to be witches from society, and keeping them far from their families.

He however questioned why it is always old women from poor homes who are branded witches and not those from affluent homes, and also why is it always the old women and not the old men and young girls and ladies. According to him, all these accusations are mere perceptions that must not be entertained at this time and age.

He stressed that the best way to deal with the problem is to bring such people perceived to be witches closer to God by sharing His word with them on daily basis, but not to isolate them from their families, as that compounds their problem of vulnerability.

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