Disregard EC’s Empty Rants – OVG Tells Members

The leadership and membership of One Volta Group has called on members and the general public especially those in the Oti enclave to  disregard the purported releases from the Commission that the referendum will take place as scheduled. 
Accord to a press release issued by the One Volta Group, the statemeng as issued by the EC after two persons filed a writ at the High Court for an Interlocutory Injunction on the processes for the referendum.
It described the Ed’s position as “a blatant disregard for the Rule of Law which is at its lowest ebb in our country today to proceed despite the suit.” 

The group stated that, two of its members who are registered voters in the proposed Oti Region took a Suit for the Enforcement of their Right to Vote and their right to be treated fairly in relation to the said

referendum scheduled for the 27 of December, 2018.
“For the avoidance of any iota of equivocation, we wish to emphasize that the EC head was personally served. It will be odd for the EC to be seen or heard denying the existence of this suit or pretending not to know of it.”
It called on their members across the proposed Oti Region who have persistently been the subject of attack from all quarters since taking up the enviable mantle to preserve the unity and oneness of
the Volta Region.
OVG called on all well-meaning Human Rights groups both local and international to turn their “scrutinizing telescope on the invidious human rights abuses that have characterized the process in the
proposed Oti Region. 

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