One Volta Group Sues EC Over Biased Referendum Processes

The One Volta Group, a nongovernmental pressure group has filed an Interlocutory Injunction at the High Court against the Electoral Commission (EC), over the up coming referendum for the creation of the Oti Region.

According to the group, the writ against the EC was necessitated by the refusal of the electoral body to make the voter register available to the group which serves as an interest group.

The Director of the One Volta Group, Togbe Hotormaho Amedzake III who addressed a media briefing said the total absence of certified voter register for the group to also know eligible voters who are on the register is alien to the country’s democracy.

“This is too bad for our democracy,” he said.
He pointed out that the Special voting which was held yesterday ahead of the referendum, the EC failed to make the register available.

He said the Volta regional commissioner of the Electoral Commission has indicated that polling agents have been appointed for yes and no vote, but the One Volta Group has not been made known neither has the EC given a slot to any of their representative.

He also expressed disgust at the EC for failing to accredit the One Volta Group as an interest group in the whole process.

“We think the whole electoral processes have not been fair,” he said and explained that as a group, they have served the commissioner of the EC with two letter, for her to recognise and extend all privileges that goes to interest groups during elections across the country.

He also averred that the group also requested for accreditation and then provision of educational materials but all to no avail.

Togbe Amedzake III also stressed that the EC hasn’t gazetted all newly formed polling stations all in the interest of rigging the elections in favour of the Yes Votes.

He also revealed how those campaigning for a NO Vote are being intimidated, harassed and abused with majority of them hauled before chiefs and made to pay fines.
He said: “All we are asking is that no vote campaigners are also given a level praying field.”

Togbe Amedzake III also revealed that the group has petitioned the IGP and other relevant agencies over the intimidation that is being meted to their colleagues who are campaigning for a No Vote in the Oti enclave.

He however called the EC in its own interest, not to go ahead with the referendum process until the Writ filed at the High Court is determined.


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