Driver Fined For Killing Cat Belonging To Unit Committee Chairman


A taxi driver at Gomoa Ekwamkrom in the Central Region, Yaw Kwansah [a.k.a. Yaw Pelee] who killed the pet-cat belonging to the Unit Committee Chairman of the town for meat has been fined GH 2OO.OO Cedis by the Chiefs and Elders of the town.

According to the Chiefs, the fine is to serve as a punitive measure to halt petty thefts of animals and personal belongings that has rocked the town in recent times.

He was said to have carried out the heinous acts under the cover of darkness during a lights out in the night, but was spotted by a by-stander.

According to the Unit Committee Chairman Mr. Yaw Ackom-Prah, he returned from a meeting only to find blood stains at the front of his door, without any trace of his pet.

He said this aroused his suspicion that someone might have killed the animal, so the following day he started inquiring from the neighbours only to be told by the by-stander that he saw Yaw Pelee killing the animal.

He said they therefore mount a search for Yaw Pelee, and upon finding him, they sent him to the Chiefs for fear of the crowd that were gathering.

The Unit Committee Chairman, Mr. Ackom-Prah disclosed that at the palace, Yaw Pelee admitted to the offence of killing the animal, and was therefore slapped with the fine, but was part with only GH 6O.OO Cedis.

He said the decision by the Chiefs and Elders will go a long way to serve as deterrent to others who have adopted the habit of stealing animals and personal belongings of other people in the town.    


By: Robert Ayanful

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