Earlbeam Realty will boost Ghana’s Economy

The Business Operations Manager at Earlbeam Realty, Madam Louisa Afriyie Boateng has hinted that the establishment of the company’s office in Ghana will boost the economy and also reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

Madam Louisa in an interview highlighted the plans of the company.
“Moving from London to Kumasi has really helped me a lot and also helped me to find my roots, it gave me a good grounding. It also gave me a lot of hardscapes to understand how I wanted to realise how best to fulfil my potential in Accra”.

” Life has a funny way of directing you down the path of your purpose. Being in Ghana has allowed me to look at a different perspective of life, from all the different social classes and faiths. Its also given me more of a drive as opposed to a simple-minded lifestyle. For me its a fun adventure that is just getting started”.

Madam Louisa also stated that the company will explore their operations to other African countries like South Africa, Nigeria and the Kenyan markets, as they exemplify very interesting markets with young people ready to explore and take chances.

Earlbeam Realty will also train and form girls for them to get their daily income than hingeing on their parents to survive.

About Madam Louisa Afriyie Boateng
She currently serves as the Business Operations Manager at Earlbeam Realty and also doubles as a bit of w bookworm and an avid fan all most creative pursuits.

Her vision to support and opportunities to young women so that they can find a role and advance within the real estate industry.

What are your thoughts on the state of the real estate and construction industry?

The real estate market in Accra is buoyant. There is a lot of choices, a lot of different developments rising. The demand is here and, with a lot of interest within Accra, there will automatically be a need for housing or spaces to utilise for business and recreational objectives.

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