Present your concerns to the Courts for legal redress — IDEG urges NDC

The Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) collaboration with Civil Forum Initiative (CFI) have urged the National Democratic Party NDC to present their concerns to the courts for legal redress. Emphasized in this regard, that going to court does not amount to a lost cause.

The Institute’s appreciated the aggrieved parties may be concerned over the length of time required in pursuing court cases, and the fact that during that time period, the processes of swearing-in the President and Parliamentarians will take place, seemingly bringing their case to nought.

They also explained that the Constitution indeed provides a tight schedule of statutory dates for the swearing-in of the elected president and parliamentarians.

This schedule will have to be followed in order that the entire system of governance does not come to a stand-still, leading to a Constitutional crisis. They therefore assured members of the public that the Courts have the mandate to effect necessary changes following their verdicts on election-related disputes.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday December, 16, 2020, the Executive Director of Ark Foundation and Member of CFI, Dr. Angela Dwamena Aboagye, stated that going to court is not contradictory to peaceful demonstrations. It is the political and civil right of all persons to demonstrate when they
disapprove about some national development.

She disclosed that Members of political parties therefore have the right to public protest and demonstration. They have the right to express themselves through demonstrations, so long as their demonstrations are peaceful.

To ensure that their demonstrations remain peaceful, she said they must however secure police protection and ensure that their demonstrations are not infiltrated by agents of provocation, who may seek to incite acts of
violence in the course of otherwise peaceful protests.

To this end, Dr. Dwamena Aboagye, urged sympathizers of the NDC to secure police protection for their demanstrations. “We appeal to opponents of the NDC to keep away from the NDCs demonstrations so as to avoid aggravation that could degenerate into violence,” she stressed.

She also asked the Pollce to respect the right of members of the NDC to protest, and protect them. “Demonstrators must be provided full police protection and all agents of provocation who may attempt to incite violence during such demonstrations must be arrested and brought to face the law.”

According to them, seeking legal redress regarding contestation of the election results. As we have stated above, carrying out demonstrations and daing to court are not mutually-exclusive nor contradictory. Legal recourse may be pursued even as peaceful demonstratration are carried out. “Therefore, we join the voices of sections of the public urging NDC to present their concerns to the courts for legal redress.”


Report by Bernard k Dadzie

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