TAGG Suspects Arsonist Attack In Kantamanto Fire

Traders Advocacy Group, Ghana (TAGG) said it suspects possible arsonists attack in the recent fire outbreak at the Kantamanto market in Accra.

In its Press Statement, the Group indicated that per information they received from traders and their members, it is obvious that the market was burnt by some arsonist but as to what their reason are, they cannot tell.

“Before the 7th December our members in the market came to inform us of an alleged plan by some unknown persons to burn the market. This matter according to our local executives in the market were reported to the police at the Railway Police Station which led to the hiring of some private security agencies to monitor the market at night,” the statement said.

It however noted that at 11:30 am yesterday, a team of executives led by President of (TAGG) went to the market area to ascertain the seriousness of the fire incident, and to their surprise, some of their members had pick bottles from the burnt shops which has the smell of petrol in them.

“This comes to prove the earlier information of a suspected arsonist in the Kantamanto market.”

TAGG however regrets to see most of its traders suffering because of the fire outage at Kantamanto business area.

The leadership of the Group urged all affected traders to be strong at this period of business activities prior to Christmas and bring themselves together to console each other.

They also commended all the security agencies for their swift response to protect lives and properties specially to the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) for their good job than.

“But we Traders Advocacy Group Ghana (TAGG) by this statement is calling for an immediate investigation into this arsonist attacks. Is it not surprising that after every successful election in the country, tensions rise and always a section of Kantamanto goes in flames? This incident must be investigated.”

They said, they have picked other information from their local executives across the country that such alleged arsonist attack in the various markets is eminent and for that matter call on all the security agencies and the various Assemblies to act now.

They called on government to immediately put together any assistance possibly needed to help cushion them for their lost and further stressed their call to Accra Metropolitan Assemble (AMA) to set up proper arrangement now to make sure all markets are secure and well protected.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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