Eid Celebrations: TUDEC Shares parcels of meat to over 1,200 people

The Ghana-Turkey Co-operation and Development Association (TUDEC), an International organization based in Accra, has embarked on another benevolent exercise by sharing a parcels containing meat to people across all religious spectrum in Ghana to commemorate 2018 Eid-ul Adha celebrations.

TUDEC as part of its corporate social responsibility donates parcels of meat each year to people from across all religious groups in the county in order to help build a cordial meeting point for all religions in the country.

This year, TUDEC distributed a parcels containing meat to over 1,200 people in Accra.

According to the Managing Director of TUDEC, Mr Yussif Temizkhan, this year was the 8th year since TUDEC, started this humanitarian work, noting that the aim is to ensure that the Eid Celebration is strategically used to bridge the gap between members of various religious groups.

Mr Yussif Temizkhan further stated that diversity is a permanent human feature, however when carefully thought through, diversity could be used to solidify relationships for effective socio-economic development; that is why TUDEC has over the years devised strategic methods of an all-inclusive Eid celebration to ensure Ghanaians reap the benefits of diversity.

This year TUDEC slaughtered cows for distribution in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.

The distribution of the meat was done irrespective of religious, tribal or cultural background.

The Eid is not the only forum through which TUDEC has sort to create inter religious and cultural dialogue and unity.

Inter religious and intercultural dialogue activities are organized to bring members
of all religious and cultural groups to one table while discussing unity in diversity.


The Ghana-Turkey Cooperation and Development Association (TUDEC) is making significant strides in the fight against poverty, ignorance and disunity in Ghana.

TUDEC was established in 2011 to promote trade activities between Ghana and Turkey and also offer social and humanitarian services in Ghana. Activities of TUDEC are to fight against ignorance, poverty and disunity based on the philosophy of a Turkish Muslim scholar and author, Fethullah Gullen.





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