Meet The Assiduous 22 Years Old Owner Of Mimi Skincare And Trendies

Geting employment nowadays is like a hunter hunting to kill a lion in the forest; that is very difficult.

Born Mariam Ibrahim, 22 year old Mimi as affectionately called Mimi by her customers, became interested in organic products in 2015. Her inspiration Stems from an initial Introduction to a face and body scrab from an Odeon range of products.

Mimi decided to give it a try and the result was fantastic. Even though she did not have any skin problem.

She realised the scrab helped enlighten her skin more. Then she realised exfoliating was key to a healthy skin.

“I have always known that using an organic product gives a permanent and more healthy results than any harsh chemical based products.

Recounting her experiences with customers, Mimi said some of her customers sometimes behave rudely because think they are offering you money for your goods and services.

As an entrepreneur and seller I have learnt how to control my anger and relate to customers in a very good manner.

Ever since Mimi started this business she never let obstacles distract her. she is now into organic skincare products such as body creams for all skin types,body soaps, scrabs,face creams for persons with pimples, acne, eczema, rashes and many other skin problems.

Social media has also been one of her market instruments. Instagram:mimi’s_skincare_and_trendies, on facebook: mimi skincare and trendies and on snapchat: @ nice_boosh 1

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