Publish findings on double salary saga – CDD


The Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), has called on the Attorney General to publicize the outcome of investigations into the double salary saga involving former ministers of state who served as MPs.

According to CDD, issues of corruption affect the public, hence constant information to the citizenry is required to help them form opinions.

These comments come on the back of a demand by Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu for public officers to guard against unexpected payments into their bank accounts.

Research Officer at the CDD, Rhoda Osei Afful, said the investigations when made public will promote transparency.

“We were all aware the CID informed us they had invited these people to come over, give statements and then proceed with their investigation. Sometimes we need to know what has happened between the time that decision was made and the current situation because sometimes it appears as though not much is happening.

“It could be that something is being done, the process is going on well, but we need to know because when we are talking about corruption it is very much about public perception. It is about what we hear and what we make of it. We are trying to have systems that will be deterrent enough. These people feel that this issue just came up and then it is gone down, we have not heard much, then in a way it sort of motivates people who may be into all kinds of fraudulent activities because they know when it comes up people are just going to talk about it and after a week it goes off the radar so we need to do more in terms of knowing what has happened with the processes so far.”

Some NDC MPs allegedly received a double salary while serving as both Members of Parliament and Ministers or Deputy Ministers.

25 of the MPs were initially asked to report to the police, but 18 of them were later asked to disregard that invitation. The Police during its investigation interrogated a number of the accused MPs.

The Minority in Parliament had earlier denied the allegations against its members, saying no crime had been committed.

Per the dictates of public service, an official who occupies both positions is entitled to a single salary, usually equal to the level of a Minister of State. – Citifmonline

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