Family Health University College Graduates First 30 Batch Of Doctors

Ghana’s Premier Private University, Family Health University College has held its maiden Congregation Ceremony graduating first group of thirty medical students.

The Ceremony which was held to pass out the thirty (30) students who had the vision of becoming medical doctors. This group of thirty graduates are the first batch of students admitted at the Family Health University College.

Graduating the students, Professor Patrick Ayeh-Kumi, Provost of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana, acting on behalf of the Chancellor, congratulated the graduates on their success.

He said, they have completed a journey of experiences, growth and transformation, and that “it is time to find opportunities that would enable you apply your valuable skills to the service of humanity.”

According to Professor Patrick Ayeh-Kumi, as first graduates of Family Health College, they have a lot to prove within the healthcare sector. “You have to make the College proud by excelling at your profession and working hard to create a platform for other graduates from your Institution. As you work towards your goals and dreams do not hesitate to take opportunities for further studies along the way and surround yourselves with people and materials that will help you to expand your level of thinking and practice,” he said.

He also admonished the graduates to believe in themselves, “work hard and plan ahead, be creative and entrepreneurial, forge healthy and enduring partnerships, extoll virtue and not vice, and aspire to become an employer and not an employee. Above all, be godly and selfless. If you strive to do these things, you will fulfill your purpose in life.”

He also mentioned that the Family Health University College is affiliated to the University of Ghana which cherishes their relationship and is committed to creating platforms for effective and enduring engagement.

“As a mentor institution, the University has the responsibility to partake in all academic ceremonies of your institution, particularly during graduation ceremonies. Most importantly, as mentor University, we have an interest in the calibre of products from this great

University College; and wish to see this institution produce graduates who are matchless in academic excellence, and who uphold high intellectual, and moral integrity,” he averred.

On his part, the President of the Family Health University College, Professor E. Y. Kwawukume indicated that the College was established to expand opportunities for medical training in Ghana and to help improve the current gap in the Nation’s doctor to patient ratio.

He said, the University is equipped with modern facilities, spacious lecture halls and state of the art laboratories that aid in delivering the best in medical studies available with international standards.

According to Professor E. Y. Kwawukume each year, the University admits candidates at two entry levels being Undergraduate and Graduate applicants.

“Our student population continues to grow each year; beginning with the first thirty (30) students who are graduating today, we currently have a total of two hundred and twenty medical students,” he noted.

Professor E. Y. Kwawukume also revealed that Family Health University College is focused and committed to student research as it prepares students for a career in academic medicine, through which doctors can combine scientific discovery with clinical insight to drive medicine forward.

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