GEID Hub Organization To Hold Festival of Fame Initiative

GEID Hub Organization (GHO) is preparing to hold its next initiative dubbed Festival of Fame (HALL OF FAME), A hall of fame initiative which will honor, recognize, inspire and encourage lifetime achievements of young leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, institutions, businesses and young businessmen and women in Ghana and in Africa.

In a Release signed and issued by Alfred Kojo Appiah, CEO of GEID Hub Organization he indicated that 50 individuals will receive certificate of recognition and citation awards during the event.

The initiative he said, will also recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions and have gone beyond expectations in order to support development and nation building to help improve operational excellence which better serves the way we live.

“At the event, 50 individuals will receive certificate of recognition and citation awards to encourage, motivate, inspire, appreciate and recommend them for their great initiatives, success and effort in supporting development and nation building as well as students and volunteers who are on the support systems for other projects and more,” he said.

According to him the major aims of the event is to transform the mindset of entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and help develop our communities and country, promote entrepreneurs and their businesses in the global market as an idea to bring effective change and transformation and connect industries and other business sectors to entrepreneurs with the right idea for their partnerships.

It will also ensure that young leaders and partners who share our culture and values can build an ownership stake in their business that will support development and nation building.

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