Family Of Covid-19 Survivor Donates Ultra-Modern Oxygen Machine To IMaH

The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) has taken delivery of an ultra-modern oxygen equipment, which would add to the facilities at the disposal of the hospital necessary for world class healthcare delivery.

Intubation via this CPAP device is less evasive than what is commonly used in Ghana and can produce at least 60 litres per minute to a patient’s lung making it the most suitable for COVID treatment.

The oxygen equipment was donated by the family of a client through the Diaspora Africa Forum (DAF), a diplomatic mission dealing with diasporan matters.

The gesture was a show of gratitude by the family of Glenda Simpkins, who through the intervention of the hospital, managed to survive during a crisis with COVID-19 and has now recovered.

Presenting the oxygen equipment, Head of Diaspora Africa Forum, Erieka Bennett, underscored the importance the support from the African diaspora, would have in reducing the burden COVID-19 is having on Ghana’s health sector.

“The Simpkins are an example of disaporans who saw a need and delivered. So, we want to encourage other disaporans. Everybody can do something,” she urged.

Receiving the donation, the CEO of the IMaH, Dr. Sylvester Yaw Oppong, said the oxygen equipment will consolidate efforts of the hospital in the delivery of world class healthcare.

He said, “Even though Glenda Simpkins didn’t need it, the equipment you have delivered today will deliver high level of care to others who will need it so we are very grateful.”

Also present at the ceremony, the Director of Health Promotion at the Ghana Health Service, Dr. DaCosta Aboagye, expressed faith in the continued collaboration between public and private health institutions in the fight against COVID-19 in Ghana.


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