It is imperative for institutions in Ghana to understand that technology -AVCONTECH Security Masters

It is heartbreaking and just traumatic to think that your ward is in good hands just to have him/her pass away in the most unimaginable way.

The sad happening of a little child captured by the school’s CCTV camera has had parents, guardians and really anyone in the right state of mind, desolate and frankly troubled for the safety and sanity of their children.

Assuming there were no cameras, would we (the public) have heard of this unfortunate incident? Would the parents have known what caused the demise of their baby? Would the caretaker in question be convicted or brought to scrutiny?

The evolution of technology has been purported to have its advantages and disadvantages; in this very unfortunate instance, technology has given us hardcore evidence where the facts cannot be meddled with.

In the wake of this, it is imperative for institutions in Ghana to understand that technology in its varying forms is not luxury but necessary. The issue of safety and safety measures in schools and public places are not emphasized hard enough.

Though one can appreciate how procuring technology, be it hardware or software, in Ghana can be challenging due to fear of acquiring inferior products, lack of expert advice or inability to maintain the purchased products, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

It is due to the above-mentioned challenges that organizations like AVCONTECH exist, they are a leading security and safety organization that provides security equipment and gadgets to institutions and facilities, nationwide.

AVCONTECH is a one-stop security house that provides an integrative range of security and safety solutions tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

For institutions to ensure the general safety of every person that walks into their premises, they have to make sure they have partnered with the right system providers and AVCONTECH is one of such. For more information and enquiries, contact AVCONTECH via mail,

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