FDA Asked To Focus Attention On Influx Of Anointing Oils On The Market

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has been asked to focus its attention to the influx of various type of anointing oils on the Ghanaian market which are been patronized by members of the unsuspecting public, mostly Christians under the recommendation of some pastors for the purpose of healing and deliverance, even including consumption as edibles.

The founder of Israel Kronkron Ministry at Gomoa Akropong in the Central Region, Rev. John Joel Akyen who made the call expressed worry about the influx of various types of anointing oils on the market and their abusive use by members of the public under the instructions of some pastors.

According to Rev. Akyen, many people are now producing all sorts of anointing oil with the use of all manner of chemicals which could be harmful to the human body when applied externally or consumed internally.

He pointed out that the most dangerous aspect of the worry is that some pastors manufacture their own anointing oils and sell them to their congregation with all manner of instruction of how to apply them.

He disclosed that these pastors, knowingly or unknowingly, even asked the congregation to use the anointing oil for cooking under the ”prophecy” healing them of all infirmities, including the cure of fibroid, cancer and other diseases.

According to Rev. Akyen, instead of healing them, these anointing oils are rather killing a lot of people slowly, contributing to the increasing report of health cases in the hospitals.

He has therefore appealed to the Food and Drugs Authority to get rid of all these fake anointing oils on the market to help save the possible health risk that is confronting most Ghanaians in recent times.

By. Robert Ayanful

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