Forget the money; 5 reasons to stay employed no matter what


‘’UNEMPLOYMENT IS A DISEASE’’ ; This is a very popular phrase among many youth around the world.

In every corner of this world, not having a job is a very serious problem because everyone needs money to survive and being employed is one of the most legitimate ways of earning regular income.

Although many people are dissatisfied with their jobs for several reasons, one important cause of resignations and job quitting is the money.

This remains a very delicate issue for both employers and employees.

While party aims at getting increments regularly, the other looks at cutting costs by reducing wages.

However, one thing is for sure! No matter how little your salary is, you should never opt for unemployment.

There are exemptions though. Unless you have a new improved job or you have a dream/vision to build your own enterprise, don’t go.

It’s not all about the money! Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website enumerates a few reasons why you must stay employed no matter what.


Before we proceed, let’s just remind ourselves that being employed is not the most ideal situation for everyone.

For some, managing their own businesses or being self employed is more fulfilling.

That aside,if you don’t have a better more satisfying and rewarding job, kindly pay attention to the following.

Career growth, learning, and development – Where are you in a hurry to? To go sit home, browse social media and eat? Please don’t try that.

Staying employed gives you a great platform to grow your career, learn new things and develop personal as well as professional skills.

A seminar here, a workshop there. One meeting leads to two, a conference in between and one challenge after another grows you into that professional you have always wanted to be.

Colleagues – ‘’Bosses are annoying but a dependable  colleague is eternal’’. You may have walked into the job alone but you will never leave alone.

There are bonds formed, friendships established and people you cannot do without. Before you even think of going home, remember that you are not letting just the whole company, yourself and your family down.

Someone’s work depends on you. You are important to the company and to everyone there otherwise you would have been laid off a long time ago.

If you really don’t have to go, stay. But if you do, then ensure you leave well by training someone to replace you and provide a support system for those colleagues who cannot do without you.

Small money is better than no money – before you even begin to complain about how small your salary is, remember that there are many others who play the same role somewhere else for far less than you are earning.

Think about it, if for nothing at all, it pays the bills plus you don’t go hungry like some others who don’t have what you have. Be smart! Small money is always better than no money.

No matter how small it is, can you do without it if you were home and unemployed? If your answer is no, then please eliminate the thought of quitting and burn that resignation letter immediately.

Marketability- Being employed in like being showcased on the market.

You serve as a marketing product for your seller which means you have the chance of being poached by another company.

When you stay at home unemployed, you distance yourself from the employment world. Sending CV’s and emails alone doesn’t get you a better job.

Many employees prefer qualified workers who have a job and are excelling in it. You are more attractive to prospective employers when you are still employed and very skilled.

Secondly, your cup of experience fills up with everyday that you stay employed.

Some jobs require up to 15 years work experience at some levels.

Tell where where you will find that kind of experience if you stay at home because your salary is ‘’small’’. The more you stay employed, the more experience you gather on the job.

It’s hard to find another –  If you have ever been unemployed, then you have an idea what is being said here.

The hustle of having to look through newspaper ads, applying for every job that you think you are qualified for is just awful.

Attending interviews upon interviews and refreshing your emails in anticipation for some feedback from potential employers is not a pleasant feeling at all.

So think about it. Would you keep the ‘’small pay’’ job and stand a chance of a livelihood or risk going hungry when you are unemployed?

In a world where unemployment rates increase year on year, you should rethink any decision to quit if you do not have a proper plan in place.

The world is moving fast and although self employment and entrepreneurship is being preached, if you have the opportunity of being employed, stay there until you have a better opportunity.

Don’t just quit because of the money, find a way to love the job and make the most out of it.

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel

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