Freedom Chapel Is Now Parliament Chapel International

Apostle Amoako and His wife

Freedom Chapel International, a Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian Church based in Accra, Ghana has its name changed to The Lord’s PARLIAMENT Church International (Parliament Chapel) through a divine direction that gives members the authority under the leadership of the Almighty God.

Apostle Amoako and His wife
Apostle Amoako and His wife

The church which begun some 18years ago, by Apostle Francis Amoako Attah has branches and affiliations across the country characterized by the immense outreach project and the massive contribution to the prayer life line of the nation and the general revolution of Christianity across the world.

At a well-attended church ceremony to outdoor the new name, Bishop Dominic Newlove Allotey, , an International healing evangelist and a teacher of the Word of God from New York, who officially commissioned the church into a new era preached that Freedom is the manifestation of one being in slave, bondage but was saved by grace and that for the church to move from the era into a new era is a glorifying situation.

According to him, until Christians know the purpose of their stay on earth, they will continue to abuse their living and the blessings that God has given to them.

He told the congregation that one must identify his or her purpose for which God has created him and work towards fulfilling that purpose on earth with all that he has so as to glorify God.

Bishop Dominic Newlove Allotey growth expectations always come with change and that changing Freedom Chapel into PARLIAMENT Chapel is great beginning of wonderful things to come in the lives of members.

Meanwhile in an interview with the Founder and General Overseer of Freedom Chapel International now PARLIAMENT Chapel International, Re. Apostle Francis Amoako Attah he also explained that change is synonymous to greatness and fulfillment of God’s purpose.

According to him, Abram had his name changed to Abraham to fulfill God’s purpose for his life of becoming the father of all nations, Jacob had his name changed to Israel, Simeon had his name changed to Peter (Petro) and that all these happened because God wanted to bless them and make them greater to his own glory.

He said: “God want to take us to another level where we can use God’s government to work, initiate God’s laws and follow them. We are ambassadors of Christ on earth and we must live in that government to know his plans and purpose for our lives.”

According to Apostle Francis Amoako Attah God told his people that a time shall come when anything they shall say shall be sanctioned in heaven and until you belong to that law making House (Parliament Chapel) you don’t have a say.

Touching on his 18 years’ journey, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah described the journey as a tedious, but thank God for giving him the strength to move on and be stronger even when the storm seemed greater.

According to him, it all began with his Spirit filled journey when he answered the call of God in the 1990’s coming from an Apostolic and Pentecostal background.

He said he had a passion to minister to lost souls and spread the gospel so he started off as an Evangelist and the vision has over the years intensified to the point of desperation as the coming of Christ becomes more imminent.

He said, the time has come for Christians to understand that worshiping God is not a problem but waiting on Him.

“Look my brothers, worshiping God is not a problem at all. But the problem is waiting upon the Lord. A lot of people miss this and always say we are worshiping God, we accepted Christ and think that is all. Waiting on God is your relationship with him, which is where you could backslide, fail, fall and even go astray because of the few difficult times you face. But when you stand firm in all these, you can make heaven,” he advised.

He advised Christians to allow themselves to be led by the works of Jesus Christ and forgo the pleasures of the world and charged his followers to believe in the new name because, “no believer will hold onto the new name and still be the same.”


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