Ghanaian Dancehall artistes ‘senseless’ – Fatau Keita

Ghanaian Dagomba singer and songwriter, Fatau Keita has described artistes who perform, produce and promote dancehall music across the country as ‘senseless’.

Speaking to Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM’s ‘Work and Happiness’, the young artist urged Ghanaians to desist from listening to the Jamaican popular genre since he believes it holds no positive values for the youth in the country to live by.

Interestingly he added that airplay of dancehall music should be minimized, regardless if it serves as the source of income for some notorious dancehall artistes in the country.

“The dancehall artistes don’t make sense. I will urge Ghanaians to minimize the airplay of dancehall music, regardless, we need to portray ourselves and sell our music abroad.

In the world we know how violent they are and how they fight with each other…” he explained.

“It doesn’t tell good things about the industry.

There is no sense in it. Because these are the people the youth are looking up to…” he maintained.

When asked if he isn’t petrified about publicly professing such harsh opinions, he unequivocally stated that “he stands for the truth and loves to die for it…”

“If I am saying something that will help the nation, I don’t care… ” he said to host Ohemaa Woyeje on Adom FM on Thursday.

Ghanaians, he claimed are well-known for Hi-life music hence he strongly believes that is what deserves to sell abroad.

“The dancehall music should be less played. The hi-life genre should be uplifted. That is what we are known for as Ghanaians…” he said.

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