Global Musicians’ Organization (MUSIGLO) Inaugurated

Musicians’ Organization Global (MUSIGLO) has been inaugurated to unite musicians in Ghana for the better protection of their Welfare, socio-economic rights and interests whilst defining and maintain professional standards for the engagement of musicians in Ghana.
The organization would serve the interest of Musicians worldwide.

The Founder and President of MUSIGLO, Mrs. Deborah Freeman, indicated at the unveiling ceremony of MUSIGLO and the launch of Musicians’ Solidarity Fund, that MUSIGLO is established for the purposes of championing the socio-economic rights and welfare of Musicians living home and in the Diaspora.

“The MUSIGLO organizes Musicians of all Genres and service providers in professions requiring musical skills across the globe, hence-Musicians in Solidarity, Organizing and Globalizing for our better working and living conditions,” she said.

According to her, their mission is to build an inclusive global Organization that brings together Musicians of all genres, Music Industry practitioners; to championing their socio-economic rights and interests.

She said: “Our Vision is to be the most representative voice for Musicians globally (Home and Diaspora); the renowned Organization that enables Musicians and Music industry practitioners to thrive in a globalized economy.”

The Organization has the General Assembly, the Steering Committee, the Executive Board, the Regional and Zonal Organizing Committees and the Secretariat as its arms of leadership as it has Ambassadors in the Diaspora who coordinate its activities as well as organize musicians in order to promote their socio-economic rights and interests.

According to Mrs. Deborah Freeman, MUSIGLO’s membership is open to Musicians of all genres encompassing Gospel; Classical, Choral Groups, Symphony Orchestras, Opera Orchestras; Soloists; Singers/Backing vocalists; Gig Musicians; Musical Bands, Concert Bands, Highlife; Traditional; Hiplife; Hip hop; Jazz; Reggae; Instrumentalists; Music Composers; Music Arrangers; Conductors; Music Directors; Organists; Music Teachers; Recording Engineers; and service providers in professions requiring musical skills.

“Members in good standing are members who have fulfil a six months’ probation period and have paid their dues consistently. Our aims and objectives are to: Achieve a fair workplace for our members and fair treatment in their relations with engagers; Play a key role in developing a vibrant musical community and industry, both locally and internationally; Bargain contracts and otherwise exercise collective power to improve wages and working conditions of members; Expand the role of musicians in work place decision-making; Build a strong Union and political power to ensure that musicians’ voices are heard at every level of government to create economic opportunity and foster social justice; and Provide meaningful paths for member involvement and participation in strong, democratic union among others.

To support the establishment of national chapters to promote the agenda of the Stakeholders at the National and global level.

Speaking on the Solidarity Fund, she averred that it is one of the many benefits members derive from MUSIGLO since it is an initiative that is independently administered and transparently governed, aiming at ensuring that all contributions are responsibly administered and disbursed to have the greatest possible impact in reducing poverty amongst Veteran Musicians, catering for the welfare of musicians and ameliorating the effect of low incomes of members.

“It is a revolving fund. It will support members who are ageing Musicians, up and coming musicians and every musician who subscribe to MUSIGLO. The Fund is required to mobilize and coordinate financial and in-kind contributions from all musicians who are members of the MUSIGLO and from the General public.”

The goals of the Fund she mentioned is to bring Musicians together to play their part in alleviating poverty in the Music industry, detect and prevent the factors of poor working and living conditions and to assist with the management of Veteran Musicians in hospital or requiring medical care.

She urged all musicians to be part of MUSIGLO.

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