GOIL Donates To GPRTU Towards The Fight Against The Spread Of Covid-19

Ghana’s indigenous oil marketing company, GOIL, has donated some essential items to the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) as the company’s contribution to the nation’s emergency action plan to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The items include 30,000 pieces of hand gloves, 30 gallons of sanitizers, 2,000 pieces of nose masks and 300 pieces of rubbing alcohol.

GOIL has also given out 10,000 Ghana Cedis to the GPRTU to sponsor their further purchases and educational campaign across the country.

The Chief Operation Officer of GOIL, Alex Adzew said, considering that the GPRTU is a major stakeholder of GOIL as well as the critical role commercial vehicles could play in either preventing or contributing to the spread of the coronavirus, it was incumbent upon the oil marketing company to embark on this donation exercise.

He urged drivers and passengers alike, to abide by the government’s directive towards the prevention of the spread of the global pandemic and indulge in all the public health protocols that have been set.

“This is the time to sacrifice our comfort with the things that we think are uncomfortable because in the long run it will benefit the whole country. If you follow what’s happening, one person can transmit to as many people as possible so if we know that we are protecting, we are going to save a lot of lives,” he encouraged.

The National Chairman for the Ghana Private Road Transport Union lauded GOIL’s noble initiative to ploughing back some of its profit towards the protection of the commuting public and entreated Ghanaian road users to continue to patronize GOIL products.



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