The people of Gomoa Akropong and Benso all in the Gomoa District of the Centreal Region have ended their Annual Akwambo festival wth a call on indegenes of the area both home and abroad to contribute to the development of the area.

As part of efforts to ensure development in the twin town, the festival was used to raise funds for various develomental projects in the towns.

It was also used as an occasion to mobilize the youth and engage them in self-help projects and by organized for them fun games such as football, oware, quiz competitions, floats, bonfire, sack race and clean-up exercises through the principal streets of their respecrtive towns.

Meanwhile, a member of the Gomoa Benso Akwambo Planning Committee, Rev. Anim Addae has discarded the notion held by some, particularly Christians that traditional cultural practices and norms are fetish and such a Christians should not participate in such activities.

According to him, rather, Christians in Africa should champion the course of promoting their traditions and culture,because that is the only thing that identifies them as a people.

He noted that even the Holy Book which is the Bible which Christians draw their beliefs from recognizes traditional and cultural practices and norms, and as such it is therefore wrong for any Christian to allow him or herself to be brain-washed to perceive his or her own culture as fetish.

According to Rev. Anim Addae, doing that will mean denying one’s own identity and history.

By: Robert Ayanful

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