Government urge to adopt measures to tackle perennial flood situation in the Country

A group called it self Peoples Redemption Alliance (PRA), a non partisan organization has called on president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to adopt measures to tackle the Perennial Flood Situation in the country once and for all.

They stressed that government should accept the challenge that sanitation issue in the country is bad and therefore called for biweekly communal exercises to clean the mess so that Ghana can become one of the Most cleanest Countries that alone can attract investors and increase our GDP.

According to them, President Nana Akufo-Addo made it clear in his manifesto to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa which aims at reducing the risk of contracting filth related diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and others.

” We applaud you for creating Water and sanitation Ministry. Ghanaians have withnes the kind of tremendous improvements that has been made under the ministry, during which many communities within Accra were declared open defecation free. Recruitment of sanitation officers also increased to supplement the already existing ones to achieve the said purpose.”

This to them, a lot still needs to be done since successive governments have failed in that regard and as a result , people are dying from preventable diseases that cause of which is poor sanitation all around us.

Speaking at a launched of “PRA Positive Demonstration To Clean Our Cities, Town and Villages,’ Mr. Patrick Akwoyire Bugayire , the General Secretary of Peoples Redemption Alliance (PRA) hinted that fixing the country demands supportive hands of all; government alone can not do it. “We have to take collective action to mitigate the country being engulfed by trash and disease causing organism like flies and mosquitoes.”

The General Secretary address appealed to government, Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Education to considered Sanitation as a subject of study from basic levels so that Ghanaians grow as sanitation ambassadors and also a month should be dedicated as national sanitation month and must be observed as such.

Mr. Patrick Akwoyire Bugayire, also urged government to establish proper waste management and recycling plants such that waste can be used to generate electricity to help reduce the high consumption rate on ECG power plants leading to the constant power crises we face as a nation.

For his part, the national Vice President of PRA , Mr. Collins Afriyie, said to make our nation look attractive , the Peoples Redemption Alliance PRA has set 23rd September 2021, as PRA Positive Demonstrations and Clean Your Town and Villages and therefore called on all religious leaders, Chief Imam , Traditional Leaders, to join the clean and make Ghana a healthy place to live.

According to him, chiefs are leaders of development in the local areas but now these chiefs are struggling to find their proper roles in Ghana today. This is because of democracy (imported culture that we do not have credible institutions and consistent law enforcement regime in Ghana to make it work. This democracy is leading our country to fall apart.

Peoples Redemption Alliance National Vice President Mr. Collins Afriyie, further hinted that “Chiefs have authority and power vested in them by our ancestors, we urge you to use that authority to help build the communities and town. Leads us to clean our villages and Towns. Church leaders let your congregations support our traditional leaders and cultures for a better Ghana”, he stressed.

The mission of the Peoples Redemption Alliance (PRA), is to educate citizens of Ghana on good governance, right values, patriotism, loyalty and entrepreneurship through public advocacy and communal actions and create avenue for citizens participation in national problem solving.


Report By Bernard k DADZIE

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