GPHA Tests Its Emergency Fire Evacuation Response With A Simulation Exercise

As part of their mandate in ensuring optimum safety at Ghana’s ports and its environs, the Fire and Safety department of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority has conducted a fire simulation exercise at the Tema Shipyard and the Tema Port administration block.

The simulation exercises were to test how abreast port personnel were with evacuation procedures during emergencies and also to coach them aptly with the appropriate methods.

At the Tema Shipyard, the officer in charge of fire and safety indicated that the simulation exercise formed part of activities to mark the safety week celebration of the shipyard.

Jimmy Nab- Daisie, Port Fire and Safety Manager explained that the port’s safety is a responsibility of all individuals and urged that the best practices are always employed to place higher the state of safety at the ports.

“It is a good exercise that has come to open us up to know what to do at any given time when there is an incidence”, he said.

At the main Tema Port administration Head Office, a less intense scenario was conducted. Reports of smoke diffusing down the hallway led the personnel of the Head office to evacuate in a timely sequence through the emergency exit and gathered at the emergency assembly point before the fire brigade charged in.

Jimmy Nab-Daisie, disclosed that the scenario was deliberately created without the knowledge of the personnel.

Recently, a Brazilian Port and the China’s Port cities caught a ravaging fire that wiped lives and properties away. Ghana’s Port Authority is hopeful frequent safety mechanisms will avert such disasters.


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