Husseini Akueteh Addy heads Ghana Armwrestling Referees Commission.

The Ghana Armwrestling Federation per its mandate under the constitution has named Mr. Husseini Akueteh Addy as the Head for the Referees Commission.

Mr. Addy, who is the Technical Director and General Secretary of the Ghana Armwrestling Federation, was one of the Senior Referees who officiated in the just ended 2017 Africa Armwrestling Championship in Lagos Nigeria.

The commission shall be responsible for the general coordination of referee’s development programmes and training as well as competitions. It shall also be responsible for the selection of referees for championships and referees discipline.

The Referees Commission is the highest of the sub-committees under the Ghana Armwrestling Federation and has a membership of 16 with 5 senior referees and 11 junior referees.

Meanwhile, Ghana Armwrestling Federation has also constituted two other important units. The Coaches Chamber, made up of certified coaches has NiiOtooLarkyne as head and the Athletes Brigade made of Armwrestlers with pro training with Edward Asamoah as head.

The Federation will in the coming weeks inaugurate Regional Associations which will primarily be responsible for the development and promotion of Armwrestling in their respective regions.

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