Nungua Traditional Council wages war against an imposter

The Nungua Traditional Council has frowned against the recent media publication circulating that King Dr, Odaifio Walensti III is not the legitimate Nungua Mantse (Paramount Chief).


Addressing Journalists at a press conference in Accra, the Paramount Chief of Nungua Traditional Area H.R.M King (Dr.) Odaifio Walentsi III, stated unequivocally that such publication was mendacious and also a calculated attempt to harass, embarrass and also tarnish his image as a Paramount Chief.
“Our attention has been drawn to a publication on Happy FM on 17th July which the lady submissions to the effect that Dr, Odaifio Walensti III not Nungua Mantse.
For the record we wish to state that the said Wor-Nii Bortelabi Borketey Laweh XIV is not the Paramount Chief of Nungua.
The judgment of the Supreme Court which the presenter referred to in the radio broadcast was delivered on the 17th February, 2010.
The judgment of the court did not declare Wor-Nii Bortelabi Bortetey Laweh XIV as the Chief of Nungua. The case was about an appeal by the former Chief of Nungua, Nii Odai Ayiku IV,” he explained.
It was Nii Odai Ayiku IV vrs the Attorney General that E.I. 18 which is the Nungua Chieftaincy Affairs (Nii Odai Ayiku IV) prohibition instrument of 1983 was null and void and that he was the lawful enstooled Mantse of Nungua.
The Attorney General failed to appear and the said Wor-Nii Bortelabi Borketey Laweh XIV as one of the citizens in Nungua not even from the Royal house /lineage went as an applicant.
According to him, the decision of the Supreme Court was to the effect that by virtue of the Transitional Provisions of the 1992 Constitution, Section 15(2) the Supreme Court cannot question the EI and dismissed the appeal. The appellant’s application for review was also dismissed on the 14th June, 2011 by the Supreme Court.
“Now let us ask ourselves, should the Attorney General appear in court and such a decision /judgment was delivered, does that means the Attorney General will certainly be the Chief of Nungua? NO. The E.I. 18 which went before the Supreme Court is a matter of law and not CHIEFTAINCY ie, who Nungua Mantse is,” he quizzed
The said Wor-Nii Bortelabi Bortetey Laweh XIV had made several attempts to remove the King as the Chief of Nungua and all his attempts have been dismissed at the courts. On the 29th July, 2013 the High Court, Kumasi dismissed an application filed by Wor-Nii Bortelabi Bortetey Laweh XIV with the cost of GH 1,000.
More so, an appeal to Court of Appeal was equally dismissed on the 30th April, 2014.
This he said, recently on the 24th November , 2016 the High Court , Accra also dismissed an application by Wor-Nii Bortelabi Bortetey Laweh XIV in connection with his bid to ascend the Nungua Stool
“We repeat, the applicant is not a Chief of any division in Nungua, how much more Paramount Chief.
By Custom and Tradition of the people of Nungua his faction are entitled to Gborbu and Wulomo and not Nungua Mantse.
There is no judgment in support of the applicants claim. The applicant is imposter and his conduct is tantamount to impersonation, which is a criminal conduct,” he echoed.
H.R.M. King (Dr) Odaifio Walentsi III, who also doubles as the President of Traditional Council therefore called on Security Agencies to apprehend the said Wor-Nii Bortelabi Bortetey Laweh XIV for interrogation before he breaks the peace and tranquility the people are enjoying in the country.
By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/

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