The Minister in charge of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Agona Swedru, Rev. Martin Luther Agbovi has hinted that he is prepared to lead any demonstration that will demaqnd better reform of the country’s educational system.

Commenting on the current educational reforms where Senior

High School is being run on double track system, Rev. Agbovi accused the country’s political leaders of toying with the educational system by adopting a try and error approach where succesive governments have changed the sysllabus, without recourse to its effect on the students.

He said this has contributed to poor academic performance among students, as courses and activities that were hitherto taught in schools such as cultural displays that potrays the identity of the people are now abandoned for subjects that do not have any direct bearing on the development and up-bringing of the child.

He said the situation has contributed to high rate of immorality in the country, particularly among the youth, as they have little or no knowledge in immorality and its effects on one’s life.

Though he commended the move of handing over mission schools to their respective churches by the government, Rev. Agbovi however noted that the church must be given a free hand to operate those schools.

He cited years ago where there was total discpline among students when the missionaqry churches were manning the day to day administration of their schools.

He later described as unacceptable, the directive given by the Ghana Education Service that no teacher should cain a child, saying that that will compound the proble of the already high rate of indiscpline among children.

He warned the policy makers not to copy blindly the education system of other so-called developed country’s where it is an acceptable norm to for a child raise his or her left hand to tak to an elderly.

He also called for a review of the law that defines the rights of the child, saying that turns to give the childdren too much room to misbehave.

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