Isaac Konney’s New Exhibition Advocates Youth And Community Empowerment

A Solo Art exhibition, of young Ghanaian trailblazing visual artist, Isaac Konney, launched in Accra to advocate youth empowerment and community advancement


Friday 29 December 2023, Accra (Ghana): Isaac Konney, Ghana’s new trailblazing artist, known for creating innovative, surrealist works that shine a light on improving educational systems across local communities in West Africa. His pieces are not just artworks, but also champions of transformation in the realm of education.


His latest body of work and exhibition, “Worry Free Zone”, now showing during his residency at No. 9 Contemporary Art Gallery at Buro Gh, Osu (Old Plot 7) in Accra, Ghana, embodies Isaac Konney’s unique artistic method to harness the soul of Labadi, Accra, using reclaimed slate (learning boards) from the past. His artistry becomes a powerful conduit into the lives of Labadi’s youth, merging tradition and innovation. Through his artistry, captures the soul of this fusion, portraying a lifestyle entrenched in heritage yet soaring towards innovation. At the helm of this narrative stands Isaac Konney, an artist whose charcoal strokes immortalize the essence of this movement in captivating art pieces outlining a narrative encapsulating hope, courage, and the indomitable spirit of a generation destined to shape the course of change.


“Worry Free Zones is centred on fostering community, action and creation,” Konney said. “This exhibition provides a view into the passion and diversity of youth empowerment and highlights youth advancement, merging tradition and innovation, portraying a lifestyle entrenched in heritage yet soaring towards innovation.”

The exhibition emphasises the role of African youth empowerment, collaborative organization, creative resistance and DIY ethics, Isaac Konney wants to help a new generation to become active advocates creating their own culture and communities to reflect their values and experiences.


Sponsored by pan-African financial institution, Moovon Group, “the Worry-Free Zone exhibition intends to move and inspire people of all ages, but in particular, youth across Africa and the Diaspora to make their voices heard,” says Samuel Opoku, founder of Moovon Group. “Young people finding their voice and using it to stand up for what they believe in begins with sharing their stories. Sharing narrative through artistic expression is the first step to inciting positive change for a cause, a community, and even one’s self “, he continued.


Isaac Konney wants to continue sharing his personal mantra with young people “Inspiring others through art, whilst incorporating youth in the community through public art.” He reiterates that youth are the future leaders and it is essential to cultivate their positive energy and show them how to be about community. This exhibition wants to empower them and give them a sense of belonging, as Konney believes that public art is a forum for community and African youth empowerment as it gives a visual representation of accomplishment, instils a sense of belonging, and teaches them life skills.


The exhibition was attended by a large number of art enthusiasts, civil society members, members of the diplomatic corps, celebutantes, influencers, celebrities and media representatives. The exhibition will continue until 19 January 2024.


About Isaac Konney

Isaac Konney is a luminary in the world of contemporary art and has garnered international recognition with his feature in the Shanghai Advisory Publication, “Art Speaks Louder Than Words.” He has made a distinct mark and a name for himself in the art world through his unique preference for chalk and charcoal, applied to traditional learning boards, known as “slates” which serve as the canvas for his captivating narratives over the years. Isaac’s deep sentimental connection to these materials goes beyond artistry; to him, these materials are more than tools; he regards them as “educational materials,” representing the essence of learning, and knowledge. With a strong commitment to community and a passion for positive change, Isaac describes his artworks as “Heroes of Change” to improve learning and educational advancement within local communities on a global scale. His pieces are not just artworks but also champions of transformation in the realm of education.


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