Right To Live Foundation Spreads Warmth: Donates Jerseys, Wheelchairs, and Clothes to Toloba Group

In a heartwarming demonstration of philanthropy, Mutawakilu Moro and Kofo Ludwig Asenso Bilal, executives of the Right to Live Foundation, received a profound gesture from the Toloba Group of Companies.
On the significant date of December 28, 2023, the Foundation, dedicated to supporting the needy, generously donated sets of jerseys, wheelchairs, and clothes to the Toloba Group, fortifying their commitment to making a positive impact in the community.
This benevolent act transpired following a scouting tournament held at the Ablemkpe Astro Turf, skillfully organized by Toloba Sports Consult, a subsidiary of the Toloba Group. The tournament not only showcased sporting prowess but also became the backdrop for an act of compassion and solidarity.
In a reciprocal gesture, the Toloba Group presented citations to Mutawakilu Moro and Kofo Ludwig Asenso Bilal, recognizing their exemplary leadership and dedication to philanthropy.
Founder and President of the Toloba Group of Companies, along with other esteemed members, expressed deep gratitude to the executives of the Right to Live Foundation for this invaluable donation. Their assurance that these contributions will be put to the best use, coupled with the meaningful citation exchange, underscores the collaborative spirit between these two entities.
This charitable synergy between Mutawakilu Moro, Kofo Ludwig Asenso Bilal, and the Right to Live Foundation, and the Toloba Group of Companies exemplifies the power of collective efforts in creating positive change. It is a testament to the impact that thoughtful initiatives can have on the lives of those in need.
As these jerseys, wheelchairs, and clothes find their purpose within the Toloba Group, they symbolize not just material support but a shared commitment to fostering a community where everyone has the right to live with dignity and support.

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