Khadi4TheAged Supports Aged In Northern Ghana, Provides Consumables & Sensitization Support

A fast emerging Non Governmental Organization Khadi4TheAged has extended its philanthropic gestures to the aged and impoverished in Northern Ghana with mass sensitization programmes and provision of food items.

The life changing platform stormed the northern belt of Ghana with selected aged, poor and the neglected gaining various form of support.

Founder of Khadi4TheAged , Madam Khadijah Sofo, and her team of workers started the impactful project with a visit to Kafaba in the Gonjaeland of Ghana where a 90-year old Woman was wrongly lynched under the accusations of witchcraft.

The massively patronized sensitization programme saw hundreds of people from all walks of lives participating in selected communities in Damongo and it’s enclaves.

To spice their support to the poor, Khadi4TheAged then provided consumables to the poor and aged to lessen their woes in the community.

The NGO is targeted at giving second chance to the poor and the aged in deprived communities in Northern Ghana.

The NGO is also initiating interventions and educational programmes to educate young ones in the five Northern regions of Ghana.

Other social interventions are expected to be launched in the coming weeks with the sole aim of liberating the impoverished in Northern belt of Ghana.

Source: Saani Abacha
Upper West Online

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