Disciplinarian Mcdan’s passion for sports is unquenchable – Leonard Akoto

Award-winning and former physical trainer of the African Club of the Century Mr Leonard Akoto affectionately known as Mr Fitness has heap praises on the Group Chairman of the Mcdan Group of Companies Mr Daniel McCauley and described his for love sports as unquenchable.

According to him, the business magnate always ensures that he keeps himself fit-out of his busy schedules.

“His love for sports is unimaginable and I always get motivation anytime he comes to the field to train. Sometimes he steps from the office to come and monitor his children at training. He sometimes spends like 30 to 40 minutes and goes back to the office to continue his work”.

Mr Daniel McCauley is known as a sports enthusiast who has built artificial turfs, renovating the tennis courts at the Accra Sports Stadium to help grow the sports in the country.

Mr Fitness is also characterized as a disciplinarian although he is a busy person.

“Another interesting thing is that he sometimes attend meetings while the training is ongoing and come back to continue. I have been his trainer for so many years. He doesn’t joke with his three times training within every week”.

” Mcdan is very disciplined when it comes to fitness upon his busy and tight schedule and doesn’t joke with his family at all. He always ensures that he trains with his family on the field every weekend”, he concluded.

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