Kumasi Shoe Factory at the verge of collapse – Major Derek Oduro

Deputy Minister for Defence, Major Derek Oduro has expressed disgust over the progress of the Kumasi Shoe Factory.

He was unhappy about the factory’s work output since establishment and also bemoaned the number of workers at the factory.

During a tour at the Kumasi Shoe Factory, Hon. Derek Oduro was shocked to find out that the factory has only 49 workers.

According to him, he anticipated over 300 workers on his way to the factory and was therefore dismayed by the numbers.

He also lamented about what he termed as lack of proper planning and managerial skills by the management of the factory, hence resulting in the unproductiveness of the Kumasi Shoe Factory.

The embittered Deputy Minister noted that the Kumasi Shoe Factory was established to serve a good purpose by supplying goods to several entities like the Armed Forces and to countries like Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and so forth, and Ghana at large.

But the factory has failed to serve its purpose and has producing sub-standard goods which have no market value.

He therefore called for proper measures to revamp the factory and assured that the government will salvage the factory from its defunct state.
Source: peacefmonline.com

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