Obonu TV Homowo Health Walk On Saturday

The 2017 Obonu TV Homowo Health Walk comes off on Saturday August 18, 2017.

According to the organisers, the programme starts at 6:00am from James Town (Manste Agbona), where selected Keep Fit Clubs will converge and March through the principal streets to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation at Kanda.

Theo Armah, Sports Producer and Presenter on Obonu TV and Radio said the programme is to create awareness on healthy living and promote the station.

He said they decided to have it around this period as part of the Ga Homowo Festival.

Theo Armah called on Ga indigenes and all Ga-Adangbe people to be part of the Walk if they can.

“This Walk is to unite the Ga-Adangbe people and educate them on healthy living. Most people don’t do sports and we want to help them shape up” he said.

He noted that if all goes well, it could be an annual affair and other areas of the capital will experience the Walk.

Some companies supporting the Walk are Promasidor (CowBell), Givers, Bullet Energy Drink and Dan Aqua Mineral Water.

Story by Sammy Heywood Okine

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