La Abese Mantse and Two Others honored


The La Abese Adonten Mantse, Nii Kwade Okropong I, the former Mayor of Accra and the Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South, Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije and Professor Azumah Nelson have been honored for their significant contribution to the socio-economic progress of Africa.


The award was presented at the maiden lunch of the United States of Africa and each of the awardee was presented with a citation.


The programme was put together by Africa Rules the Rest of the World Movement in Accra and was aimed at bringing Africans together to unite and manage its own affairs.


Also of special mention were his achievements and contributions in promoting Africa values and culture.


Nii Kwade Okropong, the La Abese Adonten Mantse in an interview with the media at the sideline of the event, stated that the time has come for African to respect and embrace it culture and tradition adding that in the 15th century before the Europeans discover Africa, the Africans know God by so many ways and wisdom the key for Africans.


The Europeans he said introduce Christianity with shoddy Bible with key words been taking out from it. This he revealed that it was due to the Europeans realization that Africans don’t know the Bible but knows the way to communicate to God.


He said the Africans have realize the need to come together to move Africa forward go for it culture adding that the Europeans introduce the Bible and Education which knowledge “and we Africans have put the wisdom down and we are using the knowledge by fighting among ourselves in without thinking” he noted.


He called on Africans to go back to the rich culture and blend the knowledge and the wisdom and urged Africans to go back for the culture where Chiefs and family heads seat on cases.


He further called on Africans to come together and support the Africa Rules the Rest of the World movement to move the agenda of the United States of Africa.


The programme he said is in the right direction to bringing Africans together to develop as a continent and depend on itself own.


Nii Kwade Okropong I used the occasion to rally his colleague chiefs to focus on uniting the people for development of African culture and tradition.

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